Sunday, March 31, 2013

Oshiwa Diamonds

Here's another example of a wild quilt made with my hand-stamped fabrics and Oshiwa blocks.  Of course there are about a gazillion African fabrics here too, along with some companion fabrics I stamped with other Oshiwa blocks. Too much fun!

Just to make the quilt worth looking at from the back as well as the front, I backed each block of the quilt with a different African print.  Sometimes I just want to look at the back! Here's a photo showing the back of the quilt.

I enjoy using lots of different fabrics together, after all, what's a stash for???  I wanted to show you a close-up so you could see a bit more detail of the fabric bits in the block.

When I put the binding on, I had a friend helping me.  Here's her photo as well......  Nice assistant, no? :)