Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Susuwe II is done!

I've been finishing up some projects recently, so will post a few photos.  This is Susuwe II, which stars some stamped fabrics I made with my Oshiwa blocks.  I love using fabric paint and blocks to make my focal points, and then doing threadwork on African batiks especially!  Susuwe II finished at 25 3/4 " X 51", and has more stitching than it's predecessor.  I'm happy with it! 
Most of the fabrics I used are batiks and prints from Ghana and Ivory Coast which I bought while living in Burkina Faso and Canada.  I was incrediblylucky to find Michelle Dunn of Kallisti Quilts vending at a quilt show in Ottawa.  She had some gorgeous batiks and prints from Ghana in her booth, and many of them are now in this quilt.  Thanks Michelle!  If you'd like to see her beautiful fabrics, have a look at her website: