Saturday, May 5, 2012

Over-stamping African Fabrics

One of the techniques I like to do is over-stamping African fabrics with my Oshiwa blocks to add a design element and make them even more "African" if that's possible! In these photos, you can see a group of four African fabrics as they were when I bought them, and then photos of how I used them as backgrounds for the over-stamped images.  The over-stamped hexagons are in a quilt that I haven't quite finished yet....sound familiar? :) In class, I show the students a few examples like these, then I get to see what they decide to do with the technique.

One of the students in Kenya brought an African fabric with white shapes on a blue background to class.  She used one Oshiwa block to stamp with blue paint in the white areas and white paint in the blue areas.  She created a lovely design unique to her.  Isn't it well done?  I just had to show you! Beautiful!